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Poles for Street Light, Flood Light, CCTV Poles, Flag Poles and other General Use, whats drawn on the plan can stand tall in reality. Send us your design and we will estimate the cost and delivery dates.

Indoor Lighting Fixture.jpg

Flag Poles

Flag Bearing

Indoor Lighting Fixture.jpg

Tower Lamp Post

For Perimeter Lighting. Parking, Security Lighting

Indoor Lighting Fixture.jpg

Solar Lamp Post

Solar Lamp All in One. Integrated Type. Or cuztomized

Indoor Lighting Fixture.jpg

Street Light Lamp Post

Road Light and Street Lighting

PLS Electric deals supply of Lighting as well as installation if client wishes to.
Heres the Category List we can participate to your requirements.
- Lighting and Fixtures Supplier Philippines Located in Metro Manila
- Office Lighting such as Standard Mirrorized Lighting Fixture or Troffer
- Low Glare Indoor Lighting using Prismatic or White Opal Diffuser
- Industrial Lighting Fixture for Production, Storage, Warehouse or Outdoor
- Outdoor Lighting for Perimeter lighting, Street Lighting, Lamp Post Fixtures
- Spot Lighting and Directional Lighting for Stores or decorations.
- Retro fitting and fit out electrical lighting
Complete Documents
- PhilGeps
- Import Pertmits
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